Brave CF super lightweight contender Joilton Lutterbach has his sights set on a title clash with the division’s champion Eldar Eldarov, and the German-Brazilian took aim at the Russian champ in his latest social media missive as he continued his push to face him for the title.

Since he defeated former number one contender Marcel Grabinski to position himself at the head of the super lightweight queue, Lutterbach has initiated a “Give Me Eldarov” campaign on social media to drum up interest ahead of a potential clash with the established champion.

Lutterbach’s latest social media salvo saw him take to Instagram to once again call out the Russian for a title tussle.

“I’m still waiting for you Eldarov,” he wrote.

“I know that it is not up to you, of course you need to talk to the BRAVE CF matchmakers, and they need to say whether the fight makes sense or not.

“You can say yes, or you can say no, but please, don’t run away.”

Lutterbach gatecrashed the super lightweight championship picture with a first-round knockout of Grabinski, then issued a strong callout of Eldarov to set up the narrative that he should be next to face the champion.

“This last fight of mine on the latest Brave CF fight card, I fought against the guy who was set to fight you for the title,” he continued.

“And then I beat him, and I did it in impressive fashion, too. It was not on points. It was a TKO victory. I knocked the guy out within two minutes, so I deserve to fight for the title.

“But first, Eldarov, you need to say whether you want to fight against me or not!”

Eldarov has largely kept his counsel, but broke his silence to simply warn Lutterbach that, “I’ll eat you alive, amigo. Be careful what you wish for.”

Eldarov, whose only loss on his 13-1 record came to UFC Hall of Famer Khabib Nurmagomedov, is one of the most respected and established champions on the Brave CF roster. But Lutterbach clearly fancies his chances against him.

“I know you, I respect you,” he said.

“You are a good wrestler, you have a good ground game, but you only want to fight against strikers.

“You fought against Brazilian guys and all those guys were just strikers, but I am a striker, I am a grappler, I am a wrestler … I am the complete fighter, and I know that I will pose a major threat for you, Eldarov.

“Mark my words, you won’t be able to do anything against me.

“The least you can do is answer me, but please, don’t run away, man, let’s make this fight happen.

“Everybody wants to see this fight! Just give me a date and I will be ready. I guarantee that you won’t be ready for me, but I am waiting for you!

“If you don’t want to fight me, just say no. If you want to fight, just say yes.

“Please, don’t go silent on me, say something. Maybe you don’t know how to talk, maybe you are not so clever, but please, say something!”

With fellow Brazilian Cleiton Silva and Moldovan Mihail Cotruta both also vying for a shot at the title, Lutterbach clearly wants to separate himself from the pack with his trash talk, as well as his in-cage accomplishments.

Whether or not it pays off, only time will tell.