Jorge Masvidal said he holds the psychological advantage ahead of his main event clash with Colby Covington at UFC 272 on Saturday night.

Speaking after their final faceoff at the ceremonial weigh-ins on Friday, Masvidal told UFC reporter Megan Olivi what he told his former friend as they locked eyes for the final time ahead of fight night in Las Vegas.

“Just reminding him of things of the past, present and future,” he said.

“I know what a coward he is and I got to actually see it in his eyes today.”

Masvidal explained that he’d already been employing mind games on Covington, as he pointed out to his team that his former teammate simply copies whatever gesture or action he makes when they’re engaging with each other.

He also stated that he’s already living rent-free in Covington’s head as they make their final preparations for their main event clash at T-Mobile Arena.

“I think I’m deep, deep, deep in his subconscious,” he said.

“He hasn’t even figured it out, yet. He doesn’t know how deep I am in there. I don’t mind it, you know? I don’t mind it.”

But, when all the mind games are over and the cage door closes on fight night, Masvidal simply can’t wait to throw hands with Covington and earn a healthy payday in the process.

“I mean, I’ve said it so many times I just can’t stop saying it,” he said.

“In this sport sometimes you get to punch somebody in the face you genuinely don’t like and get paid for it. What a feeling!”