Anyone who has followed Michael Bisping’s career through the years will know that he has endured a rollercoaster ride that has seen almost as many downs as ups.

The Brit, who won the third season of “The Ultimate Fighter” and looked to be on his way to the top, suffered a potentially career-ending knockout defeat to Dan Henderson at UFC 100 in one of the most devastating KOs ever seen in the octagon.

That moment would have finished many fighters but, against all odds, Bisping bounced back and, after stumbling at the final hurdle on a few occasions, finally got the chance to fight for UFC championship gold at UFC 199 when he stepped in on two weeks’ notice to replace Chris Weidman against Luke Rockhold.

Rockhold had defeated Bisping convincingly earlier in their careers, and few gave “The Count” much of a chance. Crucially, however, Bisping and his coach Jason Parillo did, and the rest is history. Now he’s a beloved member of the UFC family, a regular presence on UFC broadcasts as a fight analyst and is also a successful podcaster. On top of that, he was inducted into the Modern Era wing of the UFC Hall of Fame in 2019.

Now the story of Bisping’s remarkable Hall of Fame career is now set to be told by the man himself, accompanied by a host of significant figures in his journey, in the upcoming feature-length documentary film, “Bisping.”

The movie synopsis lays out the tale:

Michael Bisping is one of the biggest personalities the UFC has ever known and the obstacles he faced to become UFC Middleweight Champion are unmatched. More than once the world of MMA thought Bisping was at the end of his career, and that was before they knew he lost sight in one of his eyes. His perseverance pushed him to fight through circumstances that no other UFC fighter has before. With a pure will to win, Bisping took on Silva, GSP, Belfort, Henderson, and Rockhold – some of the greatest to ever fight in the octagon. Witness the full, behind-the-scenes story of how Bisping not only battled the best to become UFC Champion, but also the personal struggle and unwavering support of his family that propelled him to greatness.

From his early days trying to make a living in the sport, to the latter part of his career, when he denied the doubters, and overcame an eye injury that should have ended his career earlier, to become the U.K.’s first – and so far, only – UFC champion.

“Bisping” is released for rental or purchase from March 21, and you can check out the trailer below.