Recently-retired former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping announced he is to join the UFC commentary team for events from 2019.

“The Count” previously provided color commentary in the latest season of ‘Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series’.

After impressing in that capacity, Bisping revealed he will be co-commentating on UFC events proper, continuing his UFC punditry work with ESPN as with Fox.

”I’m going to be commentating on UFC events going forward, so that’s interesting and exciting for me,” Bisping said on his [excellent] podcast ‘Believe You Me‘. [H/T FanSided]

“Going back and forth with the UFC obviously I’m going to be continuing with ESPN in the new year, got the first few dates, Brooklyn, Phoenix, London so that’s exciting and there’ll be some commentary in there as well.

“[I’m] yet to get my first gig booked but we’ve negotiated the deal and everything so that’s good news it’s exciting times.”

Since retiring from MMA competition, Bisping has kept busy with his podcast, work on the Fox Sports desk and various acting gigs.

Fighters are becoming more involved with commentary, with the likes of Daniel Cormier, Dominick Cruz and Paul Felder recently joining Jon Anik and Joe Rogan for play-by-play duties cageside.

After a successful run as one of Fox’s main UFC on-air personalities, Bisping will have increased responsibilities at ESPN – despite never setting out to ever be a commentator.

“It wasn’t something I was yearning to do but of course I’m not fighting anymore and I’ve dedicated my life to this sport, I do know a lot about it, if you ask me my expert subject, mixed martial arts and the current climate of mixed martial arts would be one of my expert subjects for sure. I do want to stay involved with the sport, it keeps me relevant it keeps me current.”