UFC’s “Fight Island” is nearly upon us. As you’d expect with fighters flying from all over the world into Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, different COVID-19 coronavirus testing procedures are required.

The UFC is set to host four Fight Island events in the United Arab Emirates on July 11, 15, 18 and 25.

According to a report from ESPN, fighters, coaches and staff will be tested for COVID-19 prior to travelling to the country.

US-based fighters and their teams will have to go to Las Vegas for testing first and the UFC will charter flights to Abu Dhabi from there. The equivalent hub for Brazilian fighters is in Sao Paulo, while European fighters will have to be tested and flown out from either London or Moscow, depending on their specific location on the continent.

All of those tested will be quarantined in their anchor cities until test results are received. If negative, they can then fly to Abu Dhabi.

Upon arrival in the UAE, fighters, coaches and staff will receive two further tests for COVID-19 and will have to self isolate until those results are received. Additional tests will be carried out on all of those involved with events upon the conclusion of each of the four Fight Island events.

Yas Island is reportedly totally isolated from the public. No one outside of those involved with the UFC and these events are allowed to enter Yas Island. No one from the UFC group will be able to leave until all four events are complete.


The series of Fight Island events begins with UFC 251, where Kamaru Usman will defend his UFC welterweight championship against teammate Gilbert Burns in the main event. Learn everything you need to know about UFC 251 and the three other Fight Island cards by clicking the link below.