The Muay Thai title clash between Petchmorakot Petchyindee and Tawanchai PK.Saenchai at ONE 161 was confirmed on the scale in Singapore as the pair successfully passed their weigh-in and hydration tests ahead of fight night in the “Lion City.”

Petchmorakot and Tawanchai both came in on weight, with the rest of the main card also following suit as the bout order was confirmed for Thursday’s ONE Championship event at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

One bout on the card was changed, after Chinese kickboxer Han Zi Hao failed his weight and hydration test. ONE opted to move the bout up a weight class, with his bout with Ferrari Fairtex now taking place as a featherweight Muay Thai bout.

Check the full list of weights and hydration results below. Hydration values less than or equal to 1.0250 earn a passing mark, while values greater than or equal to 1.0251 earn a failing mark. Athletes who failed weight and hydration tests on Day 1 or Day 2 are given another chance to clear tests on the morning of the event.

ONE 161: Official weigh-in and hydration results


  • Petchmorakot Petchyindee (155.00 lbs, 1.0057) vs. Tawanchai PK.Saenchai (154.50 lbs, 1.0053) – featherweight Muay Thai title
  • Roman Kryklia (231.75 lbs, 1.0229) vs. Guto Inocente (262.00 lbs, 1.0005) – heavyweight kickboxing grand prix semi-final
  • Iraj Azizpour (260.50 lbs, 1.0207) vs. Bruno Chaves (261.00 lbs, 1.0027) – heavyweight kickboxing grand prix semi-final
  • Zhang Lipeng (169.50 lbs, 1.0087) vs. Saygid Izagakhmaev (170.00 lbs, 1.0078)
  • Ritu Phogat (115.00 lbs, 1.0005) vs. Tiffany Teo (114.25 lbs, 1.0023)
  • Oumar Kane (264.00 lbs, 1.0053) vs. Batradz Gazzaev (229.50 lbs, 1.0070)


  • Capitan Petchyindee (144.75 lbs, 1.0214) vs. Alaverdi Ramazanov (144.50 lbs, 1.0214) – Muay Thai
  • Zhang Chenglong (144.50 lbs, 1.0233) vs. Sangmanee PK.Saenchai (144.75 lbs, 1.0120) – Muay Thai
  • Han Zi Hao (153.75 lbs, 1.0203)* vs. Ferrari Fairtex (151.00 lbs, 1.0233) – Muay Thai
  • Rodrigo Marello (144.75 lbs, 1.0066) vs. Ruslan Bagdasarian (143.50 lbs, 1.0152) – submission grappling
  • Matheus Felipe (204.00 lbs, 1.0070) vs. Ali Foladi (200.00 lbs, 1.0044)

*Han Zi Hao failed weight and hydration. Han Zi Hao vs. Ferrari Fairtex will now be at featherweight. As a result, Han will forfeit 30% of his purse to Ferrari.