Paddy Pimblett claimed his fourth straight victory in the UFC with a unanimous decision victory over Jared Gordon at UFC 282, but he was left to defend his victory after many observers – fans, fighters, and reporters alike – expressed the view that the scorecards should have handed the Englishman his first UFC defeat.

Pimblett was in no doubt of his victory and, speaking to the media, including Fighters Only, backstage at the T-Mobile Arena, he shared his view of those who felt he had lost his bout in Las Vegas.

“Everyone’s got an opinion, lad,” he said.

“Opinions are like a**holes: Everyone’s got one.

“I know I won that fight. Simple as. I deal in facts, and I won a unanimous decision. It’s not like it was a split decision. Look at his face and look at mine. Fights get scored on damage now. I landed a lot more damage. End of.”

Pimblett also suggested that the social media backlash against the decision (all three judges scored the bout 29-28 in Pimblett’s favor) was partly a backlash against him.

“I’m me, lad. Just ’cause it’s me – I don’t know. I was sitting next to Dominick Cruz before, and I said to him, ‘Control time means nothing. It’s about damage.’

“Look at my face. Look at (Gordon’s). I’ve got the little green marker next to my name, so everyone else can suck me a**hole.”

Pimblett now has four consecutive victories since joining the UFC, with his win over Gordon joining his prior victories over Luigi Vendramini, Kazula Vargas, and Jordan Leavitt.