The official weigh-ins ahead of PFL 5 took place on Thursday in Atlanta, Georgia, with all of the key matchups locked in for Friday night’s fight night at the Overtime Elite Arena.

Twenty-three of the 24 fighters set for action made their contracted weights, with heavyweight main eventers Ante Delija and Maurice Greene both tipping the scale above the 250-pound mark.

Last year’s heavyweight champion Delija came in at 251 pounds, while Greene weighed in marginally heavier, at 255.4 pounds.

The co-main event featured last season’s lightweight women’s champion Larissa Pacheco, who weighed in at 145.6 pounds for her featherweight bout with Amber Leibrock (145.8), while the night’s other heavyweight main card matchup saw Renan Ferreira and Matheus Scheffel arrive on the scale at 259 and 260.6 pounds, respectively.

The only fighter to miss weight was women’s featherweight Evelyn Martins, who came in one pound over the 146-pound limit and will be deducted one point from her fight result. She will also forfeit 20 percent of her fight purse to her opponent, Marina Mokhnatkina, who made weight at 145.4 pounds.

Check the full list of weights below.

PFL 5: Official weigh-in results


  • Ante Delija (251) vs. Maurice Greene (255.4)
  • Larissa Pacheco (145.6) vs. Amber Leibrock (145.8)
  • Renan Ferreira (259) vs. Matheus Scheffel (260.6)
  • Aspen Ladd (145) vs. Karolina Sobek (145.6)
  • Biaggio Ali Walsh (155.6) vs. Travell Miller (154.4) – amateur showcase bout


  • Denis Goltsov (246.2) vs. Yorgan De Castro (264.8)
  • Marina Mokhnatkina (145.4) vs. Evelyn Martins (147*)
  • Danilo Marques (250.6) vs. Marcelo Nunes (248.4)
  • Julia Budd (145.6) vs. Martina Jindrova (146)
  • Olene Kolesnyk (145) vs. Yoko Higashi (144.2)
  • Patrick Brady (256.8) vs. Jordan Heiderman (247.8)
  • Isiah Pinson (247.8) vs. Denzel Freeman (261.8)