Following the conclusion of the Tipsport Gamechanger first round at Oktagon 40 in Ostrava, the remaining fighters locked in their places in the bracket for the tournament quarter-finals.

The bouts will be held across two events, on May 20 in Prague, Czech Republic, and on June 17 in Oberhausen, Germany, and fans now know the four matchups that will decide the tournament’s semi-final lineups.

The bouts were decided by a K-1 style draw, with the winning fighters from the first round drawing lots to determine the order in which they would be added to the tournament bracket. Then, in that order, they placed themselves on the bracket in their chosen position to lock in their upcoming matchups.

After Melvin van Suijdam placed himself in the second bout of the bracket, Denmark’s Louis Glisman immediately locked in a bout against the Dutchman by standing alongside him.

Incredibly, the same thing happened again. After Marcel Grabinski put himself into the first bout of the quarter-final bracket, Greek contender Andreas Michailidis, drawing fourth, followed the German to the first bout bracket to lock in their matchup.

The tournament’s other German contender, Christian Jungwirth, then placed himself in the third bout, on the opposite side of the draw, and Serbia’s Bojan Velickovic couldn’t run up to his spot alongside him quickly enough.

That left the final two participants with no option but to face each other as a dynamite final matchup was confirmed, with Alex Lohore set to take on former welterweight champion David Kozma.

Oktagon Tipsport Gamechanger: Quarter-final bouts

  • Andreas Michailidis vs. Marcel Grabinski
  • Louis Glisman vs. Melvin van Suijdam
  • Bojan Velickovic vs. Christian Jungwirth
  • Alex Lohore vs. David Kozma