The ongoing story of Conor McGregor is set to go under the spotlight in a new docuseries, “McGregor Forever,” which is due for release on Netflix on May 17.

The documentary series will feature four hour-long episodes detailing the Irish superstar’s UFC career and battle back to fitness following his broken leg sustained against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July 2021.

The release of the docuseries was first announced by McGregor on social media

“You heard it here first,” tweeted McGregor.

“My brand new documentary series McGregor Forever is coming to Netflix on May 17! The only place to hear my true story, which is only getting started!”

The clip featured the aftermath of his UFC 264 defeat to Dustin Poirier, a fight that saw him suffer a broken leg in the first round in Las Vegas.

Footage was shown of McGregor sat down on the canvas, propped up against the fence, as the reality of the situation – and his broken leg – dawned on him.

Then the clip switched to McGregor, sitting in a hospital bed, as he chatted to the filmmakers while recovering from his injuries.

“I thought it was over, as well. That’s why I flipped into a different mode, you know?” he said.

“Now, it was the adrenaline, as well. And I know it would have calmed down. And part of me was thinking, ‘Jesus, imagine if it was taken from me like that. I’d be a different person. It was a bit scary, to be honest.

“But, it’s McGregor forever. That’s it. And don’t you forget it!”

That quote was the inspiration behind the documentary’s title, with McGregor Forever set to be released as a four-part documentary series on Netflix on May 17.

The series follows McGregor through his meteoric UFC career, plus his preparations for a comeback as he plans his return from injury to face Michael Chandler.

Produced by Religion of Sports (ROS), the all-access, behind-the-scenes series, with the series director Gotham Chopra saying that working with “The Notorious” was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“Conor is unlike anyone I’ve ever collaborated with,” he said.

“As one of his trainers described him, he’s an entirely unreasonable man. And, for that reason, he’s impossible not to watch and be fascinated by.

“Don’t look away, because I guarantee you, you will definitely miss something inexplicably wild.”