The moment when Leon Edwards knocked out Kamaru Usman to capture the undisputed UFC welterweight title at UFC 278 will go down in history after his stunning head-kick victory in Salt Lake City.

It was a moment that left Usman knocked out on the canvas and sent the crowd into raptures as they saw one of the most incredible title fight victories ever seen inside the octagon.

It was also a real “wow” moment for the UFC’s three-man commentary team. Jon Anik, Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier have called countless fights, with Cormier himself being a former two-division UFC champion, but their combined experience didn’t prevent them from being as stunned as the crowd as Edwards landed his title-winning head kick less than 60 seconds from the end of Saturday night’s main event.

Here’s a rundown of how it played out, through the words of the three men on the mic on fight night:

Cormier: “(Usman is) going to win. You’ve gotta empty the gas tank here.”

Rogan: “He may have resigned himself to losing a decision.”

Cormier: “That’s what Din Thomas said. He feels like that would be a moral victory for Leon Edwards.”

Anik: “That is not the cloth from which he is cut…

Anik: Ooooh! No way! Annnnnd the newwwww undisputed welterweight champ! The belt’s heading to the UK!”

Cormier: “Oh my god! We were writing his obituary!”

Rogan: “Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!”

Anik: “Leon ‘Rocky’ Edwards! Your new welterweight champion!”

Rogan: “Oh my goodness! The way he pulled that out of the fire!”

Cormier: “He actually pulled victory from the jaws of defeat.”

Rogan: “We thought he was dejected and defeated, then he head-kicked Kamaru Usman into the shadow realm!”

Cormier: “Hey! We wrote his obituary!”

Rogan: “We thought he was resigning himself to defeat, and look at this. He sets it up by showing him the left, a perfect left high kick.”

Cormier: “That is amazing!”

Anik: “I didn’t even see it! Kamaru Usman said to Herb Dean, ‘No way! No way!’ – Yes way!”

Rogan: “Oh my goodness… Look how he shows the left hand to hide it.”

Cormier: “Well, he’s done this before! This is a great combination from Edwards.”

Rogan: “That is what we were saying coming into this fight. That Leon Edwards had such a full set of skills. But we did not think that that was going to happen in the fifth round like that.”

Anik: “And that is the reaction back at his gym in Birmingham, England. Leon Edwards has done it!”

Rogan: “Leon Edwards just shocked the world!”

Anik: “I’m looking over at his corner. You know, dropping f-bombs, the height of frustration. He took his shot. He didn’t miss!”

Cormier: He had to get a finish, and he got it.

Rogan: My god.