So, what’s all the fuss about Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett?

That was the big question when the super-confident, larger-than-life man from Liverpool landed in the UFC, and he’s been answering those questions with a string of eye-catching performances in the Octagon, and plenty of headline value in his interviews outside it.

Pimblett is anything but a flash in the pan. His story is a long one, as he arrived on the local scene as a youngster and took more experienced opponents by surprise with his rapidly-evolving submission game. He joined Cage Warriors and quickly became a star, with his signature walkouts a highlight of any event he fought on.

He rose up the ranks and eventually captured the promotion’s featherweight title, but he wasn’t done yet. Pimblett’s goal was always the UFC, but he wasn’t in a rush. He knew when he’d be ready, and when he eventually made the leap in 2021, he’d made the move up to lightweight and had grown into his body. The young prospect had become a fully-grown man, and he had punch power to go along with his submission skills.

His three-fight run so far in the Octagon has been impressive, but his journey to get there is every bit as eye-catching, and you can recap his highlights from his time with Cage Warriors via the video below.