Light heavyweight contender Stephan Puetz has taken aim at reigning Oktagon MMA’s 205-pound champion Karlos Vemola in an interview that issued both a title challenge, and a forfeit, should the champion lose his belt.

Speaking to Oktagon commentator Bryan Lacey in the promotion’s regular podcast, Oktagon Hype, Puetz chatted about his rise in the Czech-Slovak promotion, where he now sits as one of the leading contenders in the light heavyweight division.

And the man who goes by the nickname of “T-800” has been linked with a championship collision with the current champion, Karlos Vemola, whose own fighting moniker of “Terminator” is similarly inspired by the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

Puetz has his sights set on a blockbuster of his own, as he explained to Lacey that he plans to not just challenge Vemola for his light heavyweight title, but also to dethrone him, and force Vemola to give up some of the exotic pets he reportedly has at his home.

It has already been suggested that the fight should be a winner-take-all affair, with the loser of their mooted matchup having to drop their Terminator-themed nickname so only one will remain on the Oktagon roster. Puetz said he’s happy to agree to that condition, but he also had another possible stipulation for Vemola.

“Of course,” he said.

“But I would recommend to put (the purse) as a donation for something. He can choose but speaking of setting stuff and levelling up, I would recommend that if he loses, he should unleash his lions and his sharks because he is not holding them under the right conditions. As a champion, he should be a good example to show people how you should treat your environment and animals.”


A bonus segment to the show also featured UK MMA icon Brad “One Punch” Pickett, who joined Lacey on commentary duties for Oktagon 36.

Pickett was suitably impressed with the standard on show, as he paid tribute to the event, and the promotion’s running of it.

“I think Oktagon MMA is the biggest show in Europe, by far,” he said.

“Not just because of the fighters – they have very good fighters – but they have the full package.

“From what they are doing, I think they are the leading show in Europe and people need to take note o them and try to compete with them. I think they are doing remarkable things for MMA in Europe.”