It’s been a while since we’ve seen UFC heavyweight champion Stipie Miocic in the Octagon.

Last time round, we saw the firefighter reclaim his UFC gold against foe Daniel Cormier at UFC 241 back in August, 2019.

All signs point to a third fight between Miocic and “DC.” However, we may have to wait until the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has ceased first.

“There’s no way,” Miocic told The Score in response to being asked if he would be willing to fight during lockdown. “I mean, if I can’t get a full camp, there’s no reason to fight.”

Unlike other fighters, Miocic says he doesn’t have a home gym to train in. That’s not to say a home gym equates to a proper fight camp, but the Ohio native said that meant he hasn’t been training at all since his gym closed in March.

Then there’s the fact that he suffered a significant eye injury in his last fight with Cormier. While it hasn’t healed completely, Miocic said it is improving.

“Definitely getting better,” he told James Lynch. “I’ve still got some spots but nowhere near what it was before.”