Recently-dethroned UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic called for a rematch against Daniel Cormier, criticising Brock Lesnar’s ascent to the title picture.

Cormier knocked out Miocic in the first round to become the UFC’s second ever concurrent two-division champion, adding the heavyweight belt to his light heavyweight gold. However, Cormier’s moment was arguably overshadowed by Brock Lesnar as he stole the headlines for his post-fight antics.

With Lesnar’s cageside presence being felt inside the Octagon, Cormier called the WWE Universal Champion out.

Lesnar stormed the cage before shoving Cormier. And when it was Lesnar’s time to talk on the microphone, he proceeded to brand two of the night’s heavyweight stars – both Miocic and co-main eventer Francis Ngannou – “piece[s] of sh*t,” despite the crestfallen Miocic still being in the Octagon following his devastating loss.

Speaking to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani on Monday night, Miocic didn’t hold back his thoughts on Lesnar and what transpired in the cage after the fight.

“It was a sh*t show and it was disrespectful,” Miocic said. “I didn’t think that was what the UFC was all about.

“I thought they were going to interview me [after the fight] and I was going to ask for a rematch. When Brock came in, I said, ‘I’m out of here, I don’t need this circus.’ How can you give a guy a title shot who hasn’t fought in over two years, is suspended, and his last fight is a no-contest because he was taking PEDs?”

In his interview with ESPN, Miocic made it abundantly clear he will not settle for any fight but a rematch with Cormier. Lesnar is unable to fight until January at the very earliest as he serves his suspension for the failed PED test alluded to by Miocic.

Despite that, Miocic appears resigned to the fact he will have to wait for his turn now Lesnar forced his way into the UFC heavyweight title picture.

“I want a title shot. I deserve it,” Miocic said. “[Lesnar] hasn’t fought in how long? For him to get a title shot, as I get thrown to the side? It just seems like they [the UFC] are desperate for pay-per-views.

”I cleaned out the division. I defended it more than anyone, and you’re gonna tell me I don’t deserve a chance to get it back? Get out of here. Kiss my ass if you don’t think I deserve that.”

Nothing has been set in stone for the rumoured Cormier – Lesnar fight just yet. But if that fight does come to fruition, don’t expect a fired-up Miocic to sit on his hands and stay quiet about it.