The Brave CF super-lightweight division has a dangerous new contender in the form of Egypt’s Mahmoud Sebie and, after claiming his latest impressive win, he has called for an interim title fight against his good friend, Joilton Lutterbach.

Former Olympic wrestler Sebie opened up the main card of Brave CF 71 in Bahrain, and wasted no time as he ran through Oussama Zeidi in 72 seconds to claim a first-round submission victory and put the rest of the super-lightweight division on notice.

Former Olympic wrestler Sebie took less than three seconds to land a huge takedown with a diving double-leg shot.

With the action on the mat, Sebie manhandled Zeidi on the ground as he quickly moved to mount, then to his opponent’s back, before locking up a rear-naked choke for a hugely impressive victory.

After his victory, Sebie called for a bout with his friend and interim super-lightweight champion Joilton Lutterbach, saying that he is the man to take over the promotion’s 165-pound division.

“I’m ready to fight anybody,” he said.

“Joilton! If you’re ready on the 23rd of June, which is a couple of days from now, I’m still gonna be here in Bahrain.

“(Mohammed) Shahid, the CEO of Brave Combat Federation! I’m ready to make it happen this week, and I’m serious. I’m gonna be here in Bahrain for the 23rd.

“Joilton, please don’t miss your weight and then you end up cutting your hair. Joilton, I love you, bro, you’re a friend of mine. But, in this cage, it’s only me here. I’ll take anybody’s life out in the cage, and I promise you, I will finish you!

“But, we’ll see. There’s a Colombia card, which is in August. If Brave will put it down, I’ll fight him there. I’ll fight him anywhere. Why do I want to fight for the interim (title)? Because nobody wants to fight me!”