Brave CF has tried and tried to crown an inaugural flyweight champion, but a host of roadblocks, unforeseen circumstances and sheer bad luck have thwarted them at every turn. Now, after booking yet another matchup for the vacant belt, officials at the Bahraini organization are crossing their fingers that things will finally fall into place at Brave CF 78.

The December 7 event in Fortaleza, Brazil, was all set to feature a matchup between Velimurad Alkhasov and Edilceu Alves for the vacant strap, but the latest setback to befall the promotion saw Alkhasov forced to withdraw from the card for undisclosed reasons.

It meant Brave had to pivot again, and they have since confirmed that Flavio Queiroz has been drafted in to face Alves for the inaugural title.

“I’ve been a champion in all of the previous promotions I’ve fought in,” said Queiroz.

“I believe the Brave CF world title is waiting for me. After I beat Zach Makovsky, this was the only fight to make, and I’m glad I will get the chance to fulfil my destiny.”

Whether the title has been cursed or Brave have simply been unlucky, it looks like the promotion is finally edging towards a conclusion, and an established champion, after five long years of trying.

Regardless of who ends up with the belt, it’s likely the promotion will be celebrating as they finally crown their first 125-pound king.

A cursed title? The Brave CF flyweight title timeline so far…

November 2018 – Brave CF 18: Velimurad Alkhasov vs Marcel Adur is scheduled for the inaugural title. Alkhasov misses weight, but the fight goes on – the belt will only have an owner if Adur wins. Alkhasov wins and the belt remains without an owner.

November 2019 – Brave CF 29: Jose Torres vs Marcel Adur is scheduled for the inaugural title. Torres had lost his father in October but agrees to the fight. However, with a couple of days to go, he removes himself from the fight, to deal with the grief from his loss.

January 2020 – Brave CF announces the biggest Flyweight tournament in MMA history, that will crown the first 125-pound world champion in the company’s history.

March 2020 – Covid-19 hits and Brave CF events with the first quarter-finals are postponed.

September 2020 – The first quarter-finals take place at Brave CF 42. However, out of four quarter-finals, only two fighters move to the semifinal: Velimurad Alkhasov def. Flavio Queiroz – advances to the semifinal. Zach Makovsky gets a bye as Abdul Hussein became sick during fight week – Makovsky advances to the semifinal. Jose Torres vs Sean Santella ends in a draw – they have to rematch for the semifinal spot.

January 2021 – The fourth quarter-final has an open spot: the winner of Ali Bagautinov vs Oleg Lichkovakha gets to enter the tournament and fight Dustin Ortiz – Ali wins and sets up the fourth quarter-final.

March 2021 – Jose Torres vs Sean Santella 2 is set – Santella is injured and removed from the tournament – Blaine O’Driscoll replaces him – Torres beats him and advances to the semifinal.

April 2021 – Ali Bagautinov beats Dustin Ortiz and advances to take on Torres in one semifinal. The other semifinal takes place on the same day as Velimurad Alkhasov beats Zach Makovsky, advancing to the final.

November 2021 – The second semifinal is set for the return of Brave CF to Russia – Bagautinov vs Torres – however, with days to go, Torres pulls out injured. Sean Santella gets a way back in and fights Bagautinov – however things go South for the American who loses. Finals are set – Ali Bagautinov vs Velimurad Alkhasov – however, injuries keep postponing the fight.

March 2023 – Ali Bagautinov’s son passes away, and he removes himself from title contention.

November 2023 – The division finally moves on as Bagautinov makes it clear he won’t return – Brave CF books Alkhasov vs Edilceu Alves for the title. Alkhasov bows out of the tournament and the title shot, bringing Flavio Queiroz back in.