Tom Aspinall freely admits he isn’t ready for a shot at the UFC heavyweight title just yet, but that won’t stop him from speaking about his plan to one day share the Octagon with the man he considers the greatest fighter of all time, Jon Jones.

Aspinall is preparing for his return to the Octagon after successful knee surgery following his injury TKO loss to Curtis Blaydes in July 2022. And, speaking with the London crowd at a UFC fan Q&A, he said he’s back at 100 percent and ready to go. And he already has an opponent in mind.

“The knee is fantastic right now. I’m back in training,” he said.

“Listen, I just want to get one thing straight. We need to secure another UK card for this year. And I’ve got that big Polish dummy calling me out online. So, if Marcin Tybura wants it, let’s bring him back to the UK this summer. Come on! Please!”

Tybura has campaigned online for a bout with Aspinall in what would see Europe’s two highest-ranked UFC heavyweights going head to head. It’s a bout that, in the current heavyweight climate, makes perfect sense for Aspinall, who called on the UFC to book the fight for the UK later this year.

“Well, at the moment, there’s not many free guys in the top 10, everyone’s matched,” he explained.

“As far as I can see, he’s the only guy who’s willing to take the fight. He wants to fight, he said verbally. And if someone says publicly that they want to fight me, of course I want to fight. I’m not backing down from no one. We’re two European guys. Let’s do it in the UK.”

Aspinall was building some serious momentum in the UFC heavyweight division before a knee injury in the opening exchanges against Blaydes put him on the shelf. But Aspinall said he feels better than ever, and hopes to build his experience and fight his way to the very top of the division, where a potential clash with UFC all-time great Jon Jones could await.

“That would be something, and I really believe I can do it, you know?” said Aspinall.

I don’t want to be one of these people who’s just talking, talking –  I’m not that kind of guy. I want to work my way up. I don’t deserve the fight yet, nowhere near deserve the fight. I’ll get some more experience, and then… I want to take out the GOAT.”

Despite his lofty ambitions, Aspinall is also keeping his feet firmly on the ground, as he explained that, while he’s happy to share his goals publicly, he’s also aware that he isn’t quite ready to achieve them just yet.

“I think I need about three more (wins), at least, to deserve that (title fight),” he said.

“I’ve not achieved my goal yet. I’ve nowhere near achieved it. My goal is to be the best heavyweight on the planet.

“One day, I want to wake up and know that I’m the best heavyweight on the planet. That’s my dream. Just for one day. That’s what I want to do. I’ve not achieved it yet.

“So, I’m hungry to get more, especially after this injury. I’m hungry. I’m so hungry to go and get it now.”