Tom Breese erased the bitter taste of his controversial TKO loss in his last KSW appearance by submitting Bartosz Lesko in the co-main event of KSW 80, then set his sights on a fight at KSW’s upcoming Colosseum 2 event.

Breese used his elite mat skills to sweep Lesko, then lock up a tight rear-naked choke to earn the tap at the 2:45 mark of the opening round in Lubin, Poland.

After the fight, Breese talked through his win and admitted he was a little annoyed to have been taken down early in the fight, even if it did eventually lead to a finish.

“When I clinched up with him, I kind of felt that I had the strength advantage, but I was trying to be too efficient,” he told KSW’s Paulina Klimek.

“I’m kind of a bit disappointed to give up the takedown like that, but it switched me on. I created a scramble, swept him with a Sumi Gaeshi, and once I get mount, it’s game over.”

Breese is now back in the win column after a TKO loss to Pawel Pawlak that saw multiple shots to the back of the head go unpunished as the Polish contender finished Breese in the opening round.

Now Breese is looking to move on and continue building momentum in KSW’s middleweight division.

“I feel very calm about it,” he said.

“I felt calm before. Obviously, the more time I get in there, the more it’s going to improve me the more practice I get in there, you know? So it was a short practice tonight.”

And the logical next step for the Englishman would be to take on a prominent 185-pound contender at KSW Colosseum 2 (KSW 83) at the national stadium in Warsaw on June 3.

It’s an opportunity Breese said he’d love to accept, if offered.

“That’d be an honor,” he said.

“It’d be an honor to fight in the Colosseum. I feel like I’m maybe KSW’s most active fighter. I’ve been stepping up and showing up consistently, and it’d be an honor to fight in June at the Colosseum.”