Mixed martial arts is no place for incompetence and indecision. If you’re unsure, or just no good, you have no place officiating or even being involved in a regulated MMA fight. That’s a belief shared by most in the sport and certainly rings true when giving the below video, posted by the official Jackson Wink MMA page, an (uncomfortable) watch.

We’ve tackled premature stoppages here in the past, and they can be the irksome killjoys of the fight game, but when a referee is late to stop a fight or, in this case, doesn’t stop it at all, it’s about more than just spoiling the fun. It’s dangerous. It’s reprehensible. It could lead to the outcome nobody wants.

Which is why what happens next – when everybody in attendance realises the referee isn’t going to stop the fight despite one of the fighters being unconscious – is understable if not exactly acceptable.

Check it out…


Just wow 😳Ref. Thank God his team saved him, otherwise you could have been charged with manslaughter. #fighters #beware #be #safe

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