10-3 middleweight Brennan Ward will face late replacement opponent Roger Carroll at Bellator 140 this Friday after Gavin Sterritt was cut from the promotion late last week. In an expletive-filled Q&A with Fighters Only, a fired-up Ward talks about his training, life outside the cage and more.

How’s the fight camp going and have you done anything different?

“Nope, I do the same thing. I get in good shape, man, that’s pretty much all I do. I wrestle a lot, I f**king run a lot, I do a lot of f**king weight lifting to get myself jacked and I do a lot of punching people and I’m ready to go.”

How much do you think your wrestling is going to play a part in the fight?

“It’s going to play a big part, considering I’m going to double leg him right through the cage. Wrestling always play a role in every fight man, you’ve got to be able to wrestle, you’ve got to.

“I will f**king do what I want, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.”

You’re a passionate skater and surfer outside the cage. Does your skating and surfing help you relax before a fight?

“Dude, I’ve been doing judo, boxing, wrestling, I’ve been on the highest level of athletics my whole entire life, this is nothing new to me. This is just another thing, this guy hasn’t done half the s**t I’ve done in my life as far as competing. I leave it to these guys to get all nervous before a fight. I’ve had thousands of wrestling matches, I’ve had thousands of judo matches. Dude, I’ve been competing my whole life. Huge football games, everything. This is nothing to me. I’m in good shape, I’m ready to fight, I’ve been fighting my whole life – I don’t have to.

“I train every day, I skate every day, I surf every day; whatever I wanna do. My life is great. I do what I want every f**king day and I don’t give a s**t because I’m having fun. Life is too short to be all ‘Oh, I’m fighting in a couple of weeks.’ Like, shut up. F**k you.

“I get mad at people who think people should be like that, like you guys are the one’s at home watching us fight. What opinion do you even have on what we do?”

Do you think Carroll is taking a step up in fighting you?

“I guess so. It’s a fight, anything can happen. I’m not going to lose, I know that. So, yeah, I guess he’s stepping up to take a loss. He’s going to lose for sure.”


Bellator 140 takes place on Friday July 17th at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.