• Name: Edith Labelle
  • Height: 5’7″
  • Nationality: French-Canadian
  • Location: Denver, Colorado

Hi Edith, it is hard to believe but this is actually your first ever Fighters Only feature?

“Yeah, that’s right. It is my first Fighters Only feature and it feels great, but what took you guys so long (laughs)? Seriously though, Fighters Only is such an iconic magazine in the MMA industry and I’m honored to be involved. I hope the fans like my feature too.”


Many of our readers will know you as a former ring girl for the UFC but we know you’ve been busy so bring our readers up to date on life after the UFC?

“Well, I have moved around a little. I couldn’t bare the brutal cold of Montreal winters anymore, so I moved to Florida for almost four years. I now live in Colorado, believe it or not. We get snow and it gets cold but it is nowhere near as bad as in Canada. Plus, I really like my healthier lifestyle. Most people here are all about outdoor activities so I’ve been a lot more focused on fitness. I’m a certified personal trainer now and I’m planning on doing fitness competitions in the near future.”


You still have an involvement in MMA though, right?

“For sure. I have been representing Headrush apparel for two years now. I love traveling with them for different fashion shows and fitness shows. I do several photo shoots a year for the brand and they also get me involved in the marketing and design side of the business. It’s always fun and interesting. I also got to learn, practice and teach some jiu-jitsu moves for my MMA Candy videos. I didn’t really think I would be into it but it was a blast. Everyone needs to go check them out.”


Do you still like to tune in and watch the fights?

“I honestly don’t watch the fights as much as I used to. When I first fell in love with MMA I watched all of the fights, which was about two years before my debut with UFC. I do try and watch them as much as possible, especially when my favorite fighters are fighting. I definitely miss attending the UFC events as I literally had the best seat in the house.”


Who would you say is your favorite fighter right now?

“It’s hard to name only one but Rashad Evans is definitely in my top favorites of all time. He has come a long way since the The Ultimate Fighter and is such a great athlete. I had the chance to get to know Rashad since we both trained at the same gym in Florida. He’s very nice, down to earth and has a lot of charisma.”


You have an internationally recognized body. Exactly how much hard work goes in to maintaining it?

“A lot of work goes into maintaining my body but I can’t get enough. I love how fitness makes me feel and love pushing my limits. I can easily go for a few hours a couple times a day but once in a while my body will send me a sign to slow down. Plus, recuperation is just as important. One problem for me though is I also have a crazy sweet tooth. When I indulge I then feel like I have to work extra hard to burn those calories, but it’s always worth it.”


Where can our fans keep up to date on what you are you doing?

“On Instagram and Twitter, and on my website theofficialedithlabelle.com.”