Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson has harsh words for commentator Joe Rogan in this exclusive video interview with Fighters Only, shot at his California home.

“In a perfect world I step into that cage … and then I yawn like I just did on you and he smells my breath and faints. Then I get my cheque and get out of there like yeahhh. And I don’t  gotta do an interview with Joe Rogan, fake-ass,  I am just gone, out of there.

“That’s in a perfect world because after you fight, if you win then Joe Rogan gotta do an interview with you. And most likely he has been talking some crap about you and how you don’t throw leg kicks. ‘I don’t know why he don’t throw leg kicks!’ – because Joe, I am fighting a wrestler who wants to take me down really bad, that’s why I aint throwing leg kicks. ‘He’s so one-dimensional, he’s so one-dimensional’ – he’s going on about jiu jitsu the whole time.

“That’s why [when its time to talk to him] I’m like oh here comes Joe Rogan and he’s all fake in his face like he’s not just picked apart your whole game like he’s the best fighter in the world and he knows every decision youre gonna make while he is just sitting there watching you.

“I think would beat the sh-t out of Joe Rogan – as long as he don’t get me to the ground, because his jiu jitsu is really good. I know he’s got good jiu jitsu guy because he’s so biased towards jiu jitsu guys. Every time a guy is a jiu jitsu fighter Rogan might as well be playing the rusty trombone like, ‘oh a jiu jitsu guy’ [mimes blowjob action].

“I don’t give a fu-k man, I am sick of people putting their [opinions]… if everyone was a jiu jitsu fighter it would be a boring-ass sport. Everyone is not the same. Some people like to stand and bang some people like jiu jitsu. I don’t knock people who like jiu jitsu. Sometimes its boring when they are wrestling but sometimes its boring when people are standing too.”