UFC welterweight champion ‘Ruthless’ Robbie Lawler is among the most destructive fighters in his division, so it’s no surprise he’s a big fan of action movies. Lawler explained his love for action-packed blockbusters in a recent interview with Fighters Only.


Is there a certain type of movie you gravitate towards?

“I like action movies. I like guys just going in there and wreaking havoc. I just watched that new Denzel Washington movie (The Equalizer), it’s kind of like The Specialist, where he’s a badass and he goes around and does his thing.”

What’s the last movie you saw and did you enjoy it?

“ I just watched The Gambler with Mark Wahlberg too. I actually wanted to see American Sniperbut it was sold out that day. The Gambler was pretty good. I watched the newest Sin Cityrecently too, and that was a pretty good movie. I like action and comedies mostly.”

If there was a movie about the life of Robbie Lawler who would play you?

“I have no idea! Do you go with looks? Do you go with a physical character? Do you go with a real true actor? You want it to turn out well, so that’s tough. You want to look good. I don’t know.”

You could play yourself…

“I said I wanted a good actor. I’m not a good actor. I would ruin it. It would go straight to VHS… (laughs) that’s how bad it would be, straight to VHS.”


What was the first car you owned?

“My dad got it for me, it was a 1986 Chevy Celebrity.”

What kind of car do you drive today?

“I drive a 2013 Ram 1500 crew cab. It’s sweet. I don’t speed around. I don’t get speeding tickets, I just cruise around. It’s nice.”

What is your dream car… or truck?

“I don’t even know. Something all-wheel drive. Maybe a nice Audi. Maybe a nice Porsche with all-wheel drive. I kind of like small SUVs, if they are smooth and fast.”

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