In this era of rematches in MMA, one fight a growing number of fans and industry professionals seem to want to see for a second time is Michael Bisping vs. Dan ‘Hendo’ Henderson. One such industry insider eager to see Bisping-Hendo 2 is UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

Rogan became one of the leading campaigners in the Bisping-Hendo rematch movement recently when he promoted the potential middleweight title fight via Instagram. But it seems the commentator and comedian’s promotional efforts didn’t stop there.

“I called Dana (White, UFC president) up. I said, ‘Dude, let’s talk about this,'” Rogan revealed during a recent edition of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Bisping and Henderson fought back at UFC 100 in 2009, with Hendo winning via one of the most iconic knockouts in MMA history. Both men have since been on incredible journeys in their respective fighting careers, with Henderson now contemplating retirement at 45 years old and Bisping winning the UFC middleweight championship after ten years in the promotion in his last fight – a late call-up against Luke Rockhold at UFC 199. Henderson, meanwhile, KO’d former Bellator champ Hector Lombard at the same event Bisping won the title, and there are many who feel the way the stars have aligned is simply too good to resist.

Rogan said: “What could be a better, more exciting fight to see than Bisping vs. Hendo 2?”

“I feel like Jacare (Ronaldo Souza), as a fan, is disappointing me that he doesn’t just step aside and let this fight happen,” he added jokingly regarding the #3 middleweight contender.

Bisping and Henderson have both openly expressed a desire to face one another in a rematch of their famous UFC 100 bout – Bisping for the chance to avenge his knockout loss, while Hendo aims to make it his last MMA fight and retire as UFC champion.