Not only has Oscar-nominated actor Tom Hardy portrayed an MMA fighter in hit movie Warrior, but he is also a true fan of the sport. In an exclusive interview with FO, Hardy talks about supporting BAMMA prospect Jack McGann and much more.

Hardy tells FO: “I’ve enjoyed watching Ronda (Rousey) pile them up, and the show around Conor McGregor. It’s been quiet for me, I haven’t watched as much for a couple of years, but their success really brought me back. My friend in the States loves watching the fights and they shout me about what I ought to pay attention too.”

When asked about any young fighters he’d like to add to our Prospects Issue, he’s backing a young British talent who was featured in FO’s Class of 2015 last year. “Jack McGann has really caught my eye. He’s got me back watching MMA again big time.”

Hardy reveals he’s built up a unique relationship with the 9-2 155lb’er. McGann, 22, grew up in the shadows of ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Michael Bisping at Team Wolfslair: “I found out about Jack through a mate. A serious chap, who pointed him out and said, ‘Watch this kid, he’s special.’

“I had a look and because he’s British, he’s 22, he’s my friend’s good mate, I looked at him some more. Jack’s fought 11 times, eight KOs, one sub, all haven’t gone beyond three minutes of the first round. And he’s called ‘The Pilgrim,’ which is also something that has a personal and specific relevance to me. So that’s that, I thought, I have to support him.

“Let’s see how far he can go. I love a good fighter with a big heart and a lot of talent and homegrown. So I’m very keen, as are my friends, to see him do well. We think he’s special. I’ve enjoyed watching him and I will continue to.”

So far spectating from the sidelines and posting cool good luck video clips from movie sets is as far as Hardy has gone with McGann. Although, he tells FO, he’d love to take a lesson o the young fighter.

“I’ve not trained with Jack yet. But I’d love to have the opportunity to have a lesson from him. He’s a super talented fighter. I already know that I could learn a lot from him. I have asked! Which was probably daft because I can see what happens next.”

He adds: “It’s just a bad idea rolling around with trouble like that. In fact, I haven’t had a worseidea since asking to roll around with  the chaps from 45 Commando – when I got bent up like a pretzel! But if youdon’t have a go nothing gained. It would be an honor and a pleasure. He’s from good stock.”

Read the full interview with Tom Hardy inside the February edition of Fighters Only.