Por Dentro da Arena’s Waldir Leite reports that Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight champion Jose Aldo Jr suffered a minor motocycle accident this past Saturday.

The fighter was riding on Copacabana towards his home in Barrio do Flamengo when a Citroen suddenly turned the corner and hit his motorcycle. The motorist stopped to help him and was surprised when the passersby began to ask for autographs.

“Is he famous?” the woman asked the policemen who attended the incident.

Team mates Luis Ramos and Alexandre Baixinho, who live close to the place where “Scarface” was involved in the car crash, showed up immediately and took Aldo to the gym for a meet with head coach Andre Pederneiras.

After checking that everything was OK with Jose, “Dede” recommended his athlete only to take taxis until October 13th, the date in which he will face off Frankie Edgar.

That same Saturday, Jose Aldo had taken part in the debut of Ronald de Carvalho for the Carioca Soccer Beach Championship. The Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu specialist had an impeccable performance, albeit after a somewhat shaky start.

His team was beat by 2-0 in the first half of the game but in the second, Aldo – wearing the pivotal number 9 shirt – lead the counterattack and scored the deciding goal to win the game by 3-2 proving that he is good both on the Octagon and in the sand.