Retirements in MMA rarely stick, especially if the fighter in question has obvious unfinished business.

Alexander Gustafsson is the latest fighter to find out how hard it is to leave the MMA itch unscratched.

“The Mauler” made the traditional retirement statement of laying his gloves down in the cage after losing to Anthony Smith back in June.

At the time, he admitted “it feels like I don’t have it in me anymore” after his fourth-round submission loss.

However, it appears the Swede is looking to make a comeback, saying he is in talks with the UFC for an Octagon return.

“I am talking with the UFC,” Gustafsson told MMA Viking’s Ryan O’Leary. “We are going back and forth.”

Gustafsson said it didn’t take long for him to start feeling the irresistible competitive urge to return to fighting again.

On top of that, he’s already eyeing up Luke Rockhold as a potential opponent to face if he is to come back.

“It came quite fast,” Gustafsson began. “I was home for a couple days, and I had itching in my hands and wanted to get back and train.

“I just want to train and get into shape. Let’s see how it goes,” he added.

“A fight against Luke would be a great way to come back. He is a tough guy, a legend.”