Vitor Belfort vs. Nate Marquardt II. It’s one of those UFC fights that probably should happen again, but nobody will shed a tear if it doesn’t.

The first fight between the pair took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 3 and saw Belfort come out on top via a somewhat contentious decision. Marquardt complained. He felt the Brazilian crowd played their part in influencing the three judges. He asked for a rematch in the United States. Belfort, on the other hand, believes the verdict was correct, but is happy to entertain the idea of a rematch in the near future.

“I respect [Marquardt] a lot but finding excuses for a loss it is not right,” Belfort posted on his Instagram. “I won the fight for sure and fighting in Brazil doesn’t make a difference for the organization and the judges. As far as I’m concerned, the UFC is a international organization that has events and staff all over the world.

“But if you want to do it again. I am down for it! Let’s fight in a neutral ground, so you can’t complain about hometown advantage. I will make sure that the fight will not go to the last round! Let’s do it!!”

It’s perhaps not enthusiasm matched by many of the fans who watched their first fight, but, in the interests of fairness, it makes sense for Belfort and Marquardt to clear up some of the confusion that followed the three rounds they shared at UFC 212.