One of the highlights of tonight’s Bellator 166 main card is the bantamweight clash between former champion Marcos Galvao and LC Davis.

Ahead of a match that could determine the next title challenger, Fighters Only’s Tony Reid talked to Galvao.

Tony Reid: What do you expect from the fight with LC Davis?

Marcos Galvao: I can’t say exactly how it’s going to finish but I do know I am going to come out with my hand raised. I just want to get back in there. I am excited to get back in the Bellator cage again. I just want to go for the finish. I want to get in and get out.

Do you think you’ll get another title shot with a win?

I think there is no doubt about it. Even with all the new guys they bring in, we are still the top three guys in the division. We have been around throughout the years, capitalizing on many opportunities. With a win, I am more deserving than anyone else to get another title shot.

You were the Bellator bantamweight champion. How special was it to have the Bellator world title wrapped around your waist and be considered the class of the division?

I was extremely excited to be the champion. It is every fighters dream to be on top of the division. It was a dream come true and I look forward to becoming the champion again.

What are your thoughts about the fact that you might have to fight your teammate, Eduardo Dantas, again for the title?

I think the first time around it was very difficult. But the second time around it was no big deal. Being that this is my job, if I have to face Dantas in my next fight I just have to go in there and get the job done. It doesn’t matter who I have to face.

How fun is it to be a part of Bellator right now?

It’s an honor to be employed by the same company for this amount of time. It shows that I am doing something right. I want to be with Bellator for a long time. I want to finish my career with Bellator and fight for them as long as I can.

What fight has been the fight of your life to this point?

Without a doubt it has to be when I won the title against Joe Warren. Not only because I won the title but because I also performed to what I am most capable of, and I did what I am best at, which is my grappling. I got the submission finish, so that is the one that stands out to me most.

MMA is now legal in New York – where you train and live. How great would it be to fight for the title there?

Without a doubt, that is the dream that goes through my mind all the time. After I fight LC Davis and get the win, if I could fight for the belt in New York that would be a dream come true.