Ben Henderson’s habit of fighting with a toothpick hidden in his mouth has shocked pretty much the entire MMA world. It is something he has done his entire career but it was never explicitly noticed and remarked upon until this weekend’s win over Nate Diaz, where he produced the toothpick from his mouth almost immediately the fight ended.

To say its risky to carry a toothpick in your mouth when fighting is putting it mildly. The risk of choking on it should it go astray is very serious, especially if you are on your back. UFC president Dana White is among many who have expressed incredulity regarding Henderson’s habit, which is likely to be curtailed by athletic commissions going forward.

“I saw a toothpick pop out of his mouth when he walked back to the corner – that is the craziest thing that I have ever seen,” White told FUEL TV after the event had concluded.

“That is so not legal its not even funny. Its incredible, I have never seen anything like it in my 43 years on earth. I doubt [he will be fined for it] but I think the athletic commission will be looking for that in the future.”