UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has never been short of potential opponents, being perhaps the most called-out fighter in MMA history. And one particularly big name was added to that list this week when former UFC welterweight champ Georges St Pierre expressed an interest in making a comeback against the Brit.

“There have been rumblings,” Bisping told BT Sport‘s Gareth A Davies. “When I say rumblings I’m talking rumblings from people who know GSP and perhaps people that train GSP that have perhaps reached out to people that maybe train me. There have been rumblings of this fight.”

GSP – one of the greatest and most dominant champions in UFC history – has been on an indefinite leave from MMA after vacating the UFC title at the end of 2013. Since then, he and his coaches have touched on a potential return to fighting numerous times but have never confirmed anything. But now that has all changed as a GSP return looks imminent pending negotiations between the UFC and St Pierre’s management.

Since St Pierre stepped away from the sport, Bisping has had an up-and-down journey which culminated in him stepping up on late notice at UFC 199, defeating Luke Rockhold via KO to capture the UFC 185lb strap in a shocking upset.

Bisping certainly respects the accomplishments and abilities of GSP but, as is the case regarding any opponent of ‘The Count’s, that doesn’t make the French-Canadian immune to the Englishman’s patented pre-fight trash talk.

“I love Georges St Pierre,” said Bisping. “He’s an incredible fighter, he’s a legend of the sport, the biggest pay-per-view draw that there was for a long time, the consummate professional. Georges is amazing. But, if he wants to get knocked out, I’m in.”