MMA fighters exploring the open market has been a hot topic in the world of mixed martial arts. Over the past few months we’ve seen Benson Henderson and Matt Mitrione make the move from the UFC to Bellator and we’ve seen Will Brooks going the other way from Bellator to the UFC. With an increased trend of fighters wanting to find out their worth we now have arguably the biggest free agent in the sport going through that exact process; Canadian welterweight Rory MacDonald.

With Bellator MMA President making it clear the promotion would be interested in MacDonald earlier this year, Fighters Only caught up with current Bellator welterweights Michael ‘Venom’ Page and Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley and asked if they’d be interested in potentially fighting ‘The Red King’.

“He’s got the name being in the biggest show and had a lot of fights over there, contested in some of the big title fights,” says Daley. “He was the young prodigy. I wouldn’t say he’s a super exciting fighter, very tactical, technical and skillful but yeah these are the names that people recognize and I’d like to test myself against these names.”

“100% but it’s funny because I don’t think he’d want to after his experience with Thompson,” says Page. “I don’t think he’d want another Thompson style fighter for his first fight in Bellator. You saw his struggles in that fight and his frustrations. He’s a big fighter with a big name and I’m happy to fight anybody so yeah it would be a good fight.”