Earlier today we reported how Brazilian Top Team head coach Murilo Bustamante had issued a statement to us explaining his team’s take on the ‘no contest’ ending to the fight between Pedro Nobre and Yuri Alcantara at UFC on FX 7.

The fight was interrupted when the referee called illegal strikes from Alcantara on the back of Nobre’s head. Nobre lay face down holding his head for some time but the crowd present at Ginásio do Ibirapuera screamed out that the Brazilian Top Team athlete was play-acting.

Even when instant replay made it clear that Alcantara had illegally landed hits, the crowd continued to boo Nobre until he exited the arena. And yesterday UFC president Dana White said that Nobre was a “brilliant actor” and unlikely to grace the UFC cage again.

On Sunday, Murilo Bustamante and Wallid Ismail, Alcantara’s manager, were invited to partipate on radio program Beat 98. The BTT head coach stated that it was disrespectful for anyone to call Pedro a coward or an actor, as Dana White suggested on Twitter right after the fight and in subsequent interviews.

But Ismail, president of the Jungle Fight promotion, inflamed tensions when he retorted: “All the strikes hit on the ear, never on the back of the head. I have no doubt at all, I even feel ashamed for Pedro Nobre. The strike was not illegal.”

Bustamante now says the following about Ismail’s words:

“Wallid was extremely non-ethical and unprofessional, not to say a coward himself, when he offensively criticized a young fighter who just began his career in the UFC, even more so for being a fellow Brazilian. He had neither consideration nor respect for him, besides not knowing to accept the decisions taken by the UFC referee and doctor.

“Pedro, as with all other BTT athletes and other great teams from Brazil, refuse to participate in Jungle Fight because they don’t connive with the principles from the owner of the organization. Wallid never was and never will be a role model in our sport due the simple fact he doesn’t know the meaning of the words ‘ethics’ and ‘morals’.

“This is the reason that makes his revolt at BTT fighters clear.

“Pedro Nobre has given proof of courage and boldness inside the ring, going through lots of difficult times in his fights, being knocked down in some of them, which he was able to overcome afterwards.  In his fight with Yuri Marajo he went through a complicated moment when he had his arm locked but got away without submitting, able to escape and keep on the fight. Many would have given up.

“He’s the type of fighter who every fight fan likes. December 9, he won two fights in Bitetti Combat Grand Prix – a respected event managed by a great master, Amaury Bitetti – and he went through tough moments but became the champion against a very tough opponent in the final.

“Because of all this I couldn’t stay silent after listening to and reading too much injustice being said in the last days about a high profile fighter and honest person like Pedro Nobre. I will never accept any offense or mistaken statement about him or about any other Brazilian Top Team fighter.”