Anderson Silva’s autobiography was supposed to be a landmark in Brazil’s mixed martial arts history but actually, the book has become pain the neck for the Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight champion.

First, The Spider created controversy with an anecdote about returning with a gun to look for former coach Rafael Cordeiro after an earlier argument ended up with Anderson taking a slap in the face.

Then Jose ‘Pele’ Landi-Jons also made strong comments last week when he read a section which accused him of deliberately driving through a puddle to spray road water all over Anderson and his daughter.

Now it is Rudimar Fedrigo’s turn.

The Chute Boxe owner – who managed Anderson’s career in the past, when the academy was in its prime with several fighters on PrideFC roster – is taking legal action for ‘damage to reputation’ because Anderson’s book alleges he is “a bad person” who troubled many people over the years.

Rudimar sued Anderson and is claiming for moral indemnification due to the accusations contained in the biography. Fedrigo also requires the book to be prohibited to be sold – and an initial court hearing sided with him yesterday.

“It saddened me so much, I’m very upset it got this this point. Not once did Anderson ever tell me anything face to face, eye to eye. It is lamentable that after so many years he shot me in the back and in such a cowardly fashion,” he told

“He questioned my qualifications, which is absurd. There is a part in which he says I am a bad person and in another he raises doubts about my gradings… Look, he missed the truth with all of that. Unfortunately I had to take a decision.”

It was Chute Boxe introduced Anderson to the MMA market, says Fedrigo, who calls the Muay Thai specialist an ungrateful person. “I was the manager who took him to compete outside Brazil. I consider  ingratitude to be one of the sins that men don’t recognize in themselves and he has proved to be very ungrateful with these gestures.”

Rudimar is perplexed because he recently met Anderson at a hotel room before an edition of Jungle Fight and the UFC champion approached him respectfully. Now the Chute Boxe agent is bothered by the situation created between them.

“In 2004, one year after his departure from the team, he sent me a letter, that is attached to the court documents, in which he complimented me. He was super affectionate with the old master. It showed how he is a person of dual personality, of duplicitous character.”

Anderson has not commented on the court case, nor on the controversies generated by the various allegations in his book. He still lives in Curitiba, Brazil where Chute Boxe is located, but he is not likely to receive a warm welcome if he drops in.