Concerns for Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller’s mental health are growing following his latest controversial Twitter post.

In it he makes reference to his arrests for vandalizing a church and assaulting a female, adding that UFC front man Dana White should have an armed guard to be ready if he sees Miller approaching.

Ordinarily such posts would be dismissed as harmless nonsense but Miller’s increasingly erratic behavior injects an element of uncertainty.

Numerous outbursts against White have made clear that Miller feels him to be responsible for his exit from the UFC and subsequent misfortunes.

Miller’s appearance on The MMA Hour early this year was the point at which many fans began wondering if the lines between humor and mental disturbance were blurring.

The prolonged bizarre rant – allegedly to promote his role in the Here Comes the Boom movie – led to MMA Hour host Ariel Helwani later filming an extended interview with Miller and probing the subject of his mental health.

Not long afterwards, Miller was arrested naked in a church and was charged with burglary. Earlier this month he was again arrested, this time on domestic assault charges.

With his latest tweet, Miller is playing with fire. Authorities take a dim view of such comments, especially if made by somebody with Miller’s turbulent recent history. It would not take much for the UFC to have law enforcement reach out to Miller seeking explanation of the post.