Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez had a war of words and almost physical clashed had it not been for Dana White at the UFC 205 pre-fight press conference.

Fight week really went out of neutral and into fifth gear as the six title fight competitors took to the stage in the Madison Square Garden Theatre and it didn’t take long for the fireworks to begin.

As per usual at these press conferences Conor McGregor arrived close to 30 minutes late but when he did he swagger walked in with a flashy mink coat to boot and then things went from zero to a hundred real quick.

“Sorry I’m late – I just don’t give a f*ck,” said the brash Irishman. “I’m a f*cking pimp. I’m in Gucci mink. And without me, this whole ship sinks.”

Much has been made of a big announcement Conor McGregor has teased to make after the dust has settled on the events this Saturday night. Eddie Alvarez got on the microphone, claiming he knew McGregor’s big secret.

“He’s having two kids, but his girlfriend isn’t having twins,” Alvarez said. “You do the math.”

Alvarez had earlier asked McGregor to apologize for bringing up his wife and children during the media conference call last week, but the UFC featherweight champion just had one pithy reply, which got a huge reaction from the hundreds of fans in attendance.

“Suck my big, Irish balls,” McGregor said.