It seems as though UFC bantamweight champion isn’t done with Team Alpha Male. Having concluded his trilogy fight with Urijah Faber at UFC 199 and having previously beaten former TAM members TJ Dillashaw and Joseph Benavidez, Cody Garbrandt appears to be next in line.

“I like Garbrandt because one, he’s Team Alpha-Fail, and two, he runs his mouth, he’s an emotional guy, he’s got a goofy part in his hair and a ton of tattoos so he thinks he’s tough,” said Cruz.

“All of those things together make for an interesting fight. I’ve gotten a lot of tweets about him, he’s got a lot of fans because he’s been riding the coattails of Urijah Faber for a while now. What he does is he goes, ‘Hey Faber, let me train under you, I’ll get all your fans and you can just send your fans over to me and I’ll just rep the name and let you pimp me out with Torque, and I’ll let you manage me and in this I’ll get all your fans.”

A few days back and it was Garbrandt who showed ‘No Love’ for Cruz as he took to his Instagram account and made a bold claim for this potential match up.

“I see right through you,” stated Garbrandt. “Like I said, keep my belt polished. I’m going to dice that melon head up of yours. When you wake up from being unconscious, I’m going to make you wrap the belt around my waist.”

It appears both Cruz and Garbrandt are doing UFC matchmakers Sean Selby and Joe Silva’s job for them, but Cruz says ultimately the decision is out of his hands.

“I’m never the type to pick my fights,” added Cruz, speaking on MMAjunkie radio yesterday. “If the UFC heard everything I said, or they heard none of it, they could just sign me up on the dotted line and give me whoever they want. I’ve always just signed up and said, ‘OK.’ But if you’re going to give me a choice and ask me questions about the match-ups I think fans and myself want to see, that’s what I’m talking about.”