After Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone’s impressive win over Al Iaquinta on Saturday, Conor McGregor’s name was on the Colorado kickboxer’s lips once again.

It will be music to his ears once he learns UFC President Dana White voiced his approval of setting up a fight between the two.

White said he will be meeting McGregor soon to discuss his fighting options in the UFC.

“He and I are getting together very soon, within the next week, and we’re going to figure out what’s next for him,” White told Jim Rome on Tuesday. “I see him fighting this summer.”

Cowboy has been campaigning for a showdown with the Dubliner since his knockout win against against Alexander Hernandez in January.

McGregor tweeted that he was up to face Cerrone, but the contest never materialised after “Notorious” reportedly disagreed to having the fight featured as a co-main event.

Now White seems to see the value in setting up the fight after Cowboy’s latest win in the Octagon.

“The Cerrone fight makes sense,” White added. “There’s a couple different options out there for him. He was talking about the Cerrone fight at one point. I don’t really know but that fight makes sense.”