Vitor Belfort’s sister Priscila disappeared in January 2004 but her case gained a new chapter this week when Leandro Ferreira Fernandes – criminal nickname ‘Periquito’ – was put in jail on Monday.

He was sent to jail in 2010 but was given leave to visit his family. He never returned and then police didn’t pursue murdering and drug dealership accusations either, leading to suspicions of corruption.

Leandro is suspected to have participated in the kidnapping of Priscila Belfort. She left her place of work one day and was abducted and taken to Morro da Previdencia, where she was likely murdered.

Eight years on and there is still no official statement on her death. The investigation is ongoing, but in secret. Reports are not made by the police and newspapers are unable to obtain updates.

When ‘Periquito’ was asked about the case, he switched the blame to another known criminal named Jairo Cesar da Silva Caetano, according to a SporTV report.

“There’s so much injustice in our Justice [System] and that’s because those who don’t believe in God’s justice are lost,” Vitor Belfort told the Brazilian outlet.

“My mother tried to restart the case and the police do not even know where the process is up to. We need to review our Justice [System]. We’re going to find out what happened to bury the case. It’s so bad to keep imagining what might have been happened.”