Can you imagine Nick Diaz on a dating show?

According to his sometimes training partner Urijah Faber, back in 2006 the UFC were trying to push him onto Blind Date along with several other fighters, including Tim Sylvia, but Diaz refused to take part. Faber thinks that might be the root of the love/hate relationship he and Dana White have had since.

“I remember Diaz telling me years ago how they punished him for not going on that dating show they were having a couple of fighters go on. They would go on this dating show, [the UFC] wanted him on there for publicity. Nick had a girlfriend at the time and he wouldn’t do it,” Faber told ESPN Radio.

“They put him and I think Karo on the undercard, somebody vs. Nick Diaz was on the undercard. He’s got a chip on his shoulder when it comes to those guys sometimes. They’re trying to help him and he’s trying to help himself… I wish the best for Nick, I think they’ll make it work out.”

The comments came up as Faber discussed Diaz’s recent talk of a move into professional boxing and whether he thinks the plan will work out. Like many of us, Faber thinks it will end up being called off due to Zuffa stepping in with a more attractive financial offer.

Diaz has become incredibly frustrated with the level of opponents he is being offered in Strikeforce, where he is welterweight champion, and has publicly stated an intention to be “done with” MMA if the situation does not improve soon.

He has also had his eye on the kind of money that professional boxers and  big-name UFC stars like Georges St. Pierre are making. He was paid $175,000 for his last fight in Strikeforce, a win over Paul Daley, but says he would like to be getting some of the “millions” that he sees Pacquiao and St. Pierre collecting.