Today’s UFC conference call was nothing short of spectacular. Not since the Rashad Evans/Rampage Jackson pre-fight conference call have we had these kind of verbal tirades and hilarious back-and-forths. Diaz especially deserves a bonus.

Where to start? Probably in the middle, when Georges St. Pierre lets slip that he doesn’t use Twitter because he “can’t stand it” and so he has “somebody [to do] that for me.” On the other end of the line Diaz, always complaining about a lack of money and having a crap car, must have felt his jaw drop.

“I do everything on my own. Everyday I know this, and that’s why I gotta work that much harder. I don’t have people tweeting sh-t out for me or doing my financial needs for me,” he fumed when it was his turn to speak shortly afterwards.

St. Pierre is then asked if he is actually “pampered”, as Diaz has gone on to accuse him of being. Before St. Pierre can reply, Diaz interjects and really goes on one at top volume.

“I hope so motherf–ker! If I had that much money I’d be fu–ing pampering myself the f–k up! I’d be having motherf–kers pampering my shit left and f–king right. There would be motherf–kers every hour, on the hour, someone to come out and pamper me!”

“Everybody wants to be like GSP, strong and they want to have fitness, and they want to just overcome that technical aspect by just being stronger and more explosive, quicker. That’s not really what martial arts is all about.”

This pushes St. Pierre over the edge. He reaches for the strongest insult in his arsenal to throw at Diaz. “Let me tell you something, you uneducated fool… I have not always been like this. I was not always really rich. I started from the bottom. I made myself, I worked very hard to be where I am right now.”

“I know you don’t believe this because you didn’t succeed yet – and maybe you will never succeed in your life – and I don’t think you’re smart enough to understand how you should do things when you reach that point.

“When you talk about stuff that people are doing for me, its called passive income. When you reach a point for your business, you need people, you need a team to work for you to make the money roll in.”

Does Diaz appreciate this business advice? He does not. Instead he espouses the belief that St. Pierre’s income and status are somehow tied to having a tight pair of shorts when he fights. Which to be fair, is an argument that probably has some merit to it.

“That sounds nice, George. That sounds nice George. OK. If I wore some tight shorts out there and got a fuc*ing haircut, and I had someone butter me up… You don’t even know where I come from, and you’re trying to talk about where you come from? You should see the shit over here [where I am]. Nobody wants to come around here!”

A prolonged rant from Diaz follows and St. Pierre has had enough. He snaps. He loses it. He is finally going to be really, really rude.

“I don’t understand the words you are saying because your English is just… I speak better English than you man! Talk like a normal person.”

The hilarity of a French-Canadian telling Diaz off about his English is too much. You have got to listen to the conference call. Its one of the best ever.