UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt is going to wait and see how things play out with the fall out of Brock Lesnar’s positive test for anti-estrogen agent hydroxy-clomiphene before deciding on whether to continue his career with the promotion.

‘The Super Samoan’ has revealed the UFC have reached out and asked him to return, although things are currently at a stalemate until Lesnar goes through his due process.

“They called later on and told me nothing could happen until Brock Lesnar has his day in court, and things will be sorted out then,” Hunt said. “I still feel we should have harsher penalties in MMA and in this sport.

“There should be no tolerance for cheaters, especially in fighting. When you’re hurting someone and these guys go deliberately enhance themselves, I feel they should lose everything. They shouldn’t get any money, anything at all. They should be penalized and even put to court.

“I’m still trying to change things and make it an even playing field. It’s not easy, but still that’s what I want to happen. So it’s a work in progress.”

Talking on The MMA Hour, Hunt revealed he’s been offered a few fights but the heavyweight is standing his ground until his demands are met contractually. If they aren’t then he will ask to be released from his current contract.

“The UFC has offered me two fights. I missed out on a lot of money. They offered me another fight, I think it was in Canada against JDS. I said I’ll take this fight if you put in a clause saying that if he’s doping then I get all of the money. The answer was no.

“As soon as we find out what happens with Brock Lesnar, of course. I want compensation for what’s happened and I want a change. Either that or release me from my contract. Like I said, if you’re not going to make it an even playing field or a fair go, you’re not going to put a clause in my contract that says that makes me a feel a bit more better, well then why should I? I’m already in a contract I can’t get out of.”

Although fighting in the UFC provides the opportunity to compete against the best in the world and on a platform with the most viewers, Hunt would prefer to fight elsewhere as he feels Lesnar received preferential treatment.

“If they fire me I could go somewhere else, and at least I go somewhere else I know I’m competing in a sport that’s not really that monitored, in a different company. The UFC has got the most money, they’re the ones that’s got the most protection there, but even then.

But then why do they allow people to have waivers, to have four-month waivers when they say they are always here to protect the fighters and we’re going to look after you guys to go over your drug test, and we’ll give this clown Brock Lesnar a four-month exemption. What is that rubbish?”