Has there ever been a higher-profile 3-0 fighter in the UFC than Mickey Gall? When you get a main card PPV fight against CM Punk, things tend to get out of neutral and into fifth gear pretty quickly. Following his first-round submission victory of the former WWE pro wrestler, Gall is now looking ahead and wants to compete with the rest the UFC roster.

“People know who I am because of this Punk fight now, right?” said Gall. “I fought on the main card of this, UFC 203. Everyone wanted to see him fight. I’m the guy that kicked his ass. So I don’t think people are going to forget about me.”

For Gall, fighting in the UFC was a boyhood dream come true, which may have taken longer to realize had it not been for ‘Dana White: Lookin’ for a Fight’, which was launched this year and saw the UFC president and friends scout the 24-year-old at a Dead Serious MMA show in Philidelphia. This put Gall on the fast track into the world’s number one MMA company.

“This is what I want to do,” said Gall said. “Since I was 16, every decision I made in my life was toward being here. I saw the path when I found out Dana White was going to be at my first fight. I’m a thinker. I saw the path. This is where I want to be. I want war with the best guys in the world. I want to climb. I want to be a UFC champion.”

So what’s next? He wants a fight with fellow ‘Looking for a Fight’ discovery, Sage Northcutt. 

“(If) I fight Sage next, I’m going to beat him up. Then they’re going to know me more. Then I’m going to beat up the next guy then the next guy. I’m ready for the UFC killers now,” Gall said. “I want war with the best guys in the world.”

And that could be on the cards. In his post-fight interview with Megan Olivi, UFC President Dana White indicated Gall vs. Northcutt would be next, saying: “After (Gall) called him out, Sage’s team hit me up and they want the fight, so we’ll make it happen.”

While not official just yet reporter Jonathan Shrager reported on Twitter: “I’ve been in contact with Sage Northcutt’s dad, Mark, who informed me that ‘No one from UFC has called us yet about Mickey Gall fight.’”