John Kavanagh believes lightweight is the perfect weight class for his student, just days before he makes his UFC 155lbs debut in Madison Square Garden, New York City.

The last time Conor McGregor fought at lightweight was when he became the Cage Warriors 155lb champion, back in December 2012. Now as he prepares to fight at that weight class once again, almost four years later, this Saturday night when he challenges Eddie Alvarez for the UFC lightweight title at UFC 205, SBG Ireland head coach John Kavanagh thinks this is the perfect weight for the featherweight champion.

Speaking to, Kavanagh even used a children’s story to best illustrate his feelings on the weight class situation.

“It’s like the Goldilocks porridge — a little bit too hot, a little bit too cold, and just right,” said Kavanagh. “His last fight before going into the UFC was at 155lb and, for me, that was the ideal weight. But I guess the fights that had influenced Sean Shelby’s decision to reach out were the 145 fights. Sean looks after the 145 and below divisions, so he nabbed him for 145, so we just rolled with it.”

The McGregor camp has brought on nutritionist George Lockhart who is well known in the MMA bubble for helping Cris Cyborg make weight for her fights at 140lb in the UFC this year. Kavanagh believes his assistance combined with the earlier weigh-ins will ensure the weight cut process will be a lot easier than in previous years.

“Now with George Lockhart on board we’re aiming not to do any real baths or anything like that, just follow this diet and let it come down the right way, step on the scales, he’s going to be shredded, I’m sure, but not gaunt,” said