Junior Dos Santos is back in the saddle.

The former heavyweight champion ended his ten-year marriage to childhood sweetheart Vilsana Piccozi last year – the divorce came through in January of this year – and had been single until now. Brazilian media have found out he is dating television presenter Isadora Santos.

“A fighter must have someone in his corner, but life is complicated… Yeah I’m dating, Isadora’s her name,” he said on a Brazilian chat show this week. It didn’t take long for the gossip columns to work out who it was.

Dos Santos hasn’t done much in public with his new beau but Globo.comhas found three photos of them together and worked out that the first was taken a month after his divorce was finalized.

Later this year Dos Santos will have his third match with Cain Velasquez. He took the belt from the champion by way of a quick KO in their first meeting, lost it to him after a prolonged beating in their second.

The fight will take place October 16 at UFC 166.