Today he’s one of Bellator’s biggest MMA stars, but everyone still remembers Kevin ‘Kimbo Slice’ Ferguson’s infamous street-fighting days. In an FO exclusive, Kimbo discusses some of his most legendary battles from the street and the cage.

1. vs. ‘Big D’ (Florida backyard, 2003)

For the first fight in his list, Kimbo Slice, aka Kevin Ferguson, remembers the street fight that earned him his moniker: “That one was very personal. It was a street fight. We were hood part of the city. It could have gone either way. That’s why we had our guns. Everybody had their guns. I won the fight. We were coming out of there with that money. Everybody had their money. Everybody put their money out on the table. If that fight would have went the other way, f**k it, they were robbing everybody. I took his eye out in that fight. That fight was personal. That was a moment. That fight was a movement.”

2. vs. Sean Gannon (Secret location, 2004)

“The Sean Gannon fight was f**king controversial. We had agreed going into the fight on the rules. Then we get into the fight and the f**king guy has me in a guillotine for a minute and a half with no ref or anyone there to break it up. That was the situation. Then he started throwing elbows because he couldn’t throw punches anymore. I jammed my hand into his knuckles to break his hand. He couldn’t throw punches any more so he started throwing elbows. Then the f**king guy started throwing knees. It was a controversial fight. That probably went on for about 15 minutes. Gannon was really f**ked up from that fight. He ended up with a concussion and in the hospital.”

3. vs. Ray Mercer (Cage Fury Fighting Championships V, 2009)

“That was my first MMA fight. He was a world boxing champion. Knowing that he had f**king ended Tommy Morrison’s career. He put him to sleep in a hellafide way. I was like, ‘Goddamn. OK, I have to take him down.’ There I am thinking like an MMA fighter. We won that fight in a minute and 12 seconds. It was an amazing victory. To beat a former heavyweight champion of the world in my first MMA fight was an amazing moment for me. That was a great win in my career.”

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