Lee Murray’s life-story continues to take the kind of twists and turns that even a Hollywood scriptwriter would dismiss as unbelievable.

Having been jailed in Morocco in 2006 following his part in an £53 million armed robbery in England, former UFC fighter Murray – who has Moroccan nationality thanks to his father – has not exactly been following the rules.

Not long after being jailed he was found with a large amount of drugs and had a saw hidden in a plate of biscuits, which it was alleged he was going to try and use to saw through the bars of his cell and escape.

In 2009 he landed himself in hot water by conducting an interview – via a prohibited mobile phone – in which he revealed the lax regime he was under. Murray claimed he had access to drugs, porn and laptops in the jail and that the guards turned a blind eye to it all.

Now he has found himself in trouble with prison authorities yet again. According to UK newspaper The Mirror, Lee Murray has been moved to a no-privilege high-security jail after being accused of fathering a child with a female visitor.

The child is apparently sixteen months old. While it is not clear how Murray’s parentage of the child has been proved, the manner of his procreation is. Moroccan jails unofficially allow conjugal visits between well-behaved prisoners and their wives.

Murray’s problem is that he has been neither well-behaved nor married to the woman in question. This seems to have prompted authorities to take a look at just what sort of regime Murray has been living under. The enquiry has apparently concluded that he needs more discipline and so he has now been moved to a harder jail and, reportedly, denied any visitor rights for the foreseeable future.

Is this the last we will hear of Lee Murray?

No chance.