Long-time manager Jorge Guimaraes claims it’s “ridiculous” how people think Anderson Silva lost against Derek Brunson in UFC 208 co-main event in Brooklyn, New York last weekend.

In his opinion, ‘The Spider’ won all three rounds – including the third – as Brunson ran away from engaging with the former champion. “The fight was 30-27 to Anderson. Brunson would not win even the third round. He ran many times in the middle of the Octagon and stayed away the whole time,” he tells FO.

“The guys here (in the USA) are used to statistics, but it was Anderson whom gave the face to beat, whom fought forcefulness.”

Brunson, who most cageside observers had winning the right, managed two takedowns during the fight but ‘Joinha’ affirms he didn’t do anything from the top position. “When Brunson put Anderson down, he couldn’t do anything and yet took several elbows [on the face]… It was a clear 30-27,” he reiterates.

On Silva’s approach about the controversial result, Jorge commented: “Anderson don’t even contemplate to be defeated. The guy lands a takedown and does nothing, even though it counts in statistics.

“Anderson walked ahead throughout, forcing the fight. He made the show. He did capoeira, waddled, beat up. It’s American soccer culture that says a guy caught the ball and ran a number of yards and then they want to make the same with MMA and say one punched and took down more times.

“But it is ridiculous, Anderson was convincing, fought for real and won the three rounds.”

UFC president Dana White said after the fight on Saturday night, “I had Brunson winning. I actually had the fight one (round) to one going into the third round, and I gave the third round to Brunson.”