Following Ronda Rousey’s second straight devastating loss in a row, this time at the hands of Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, undefeated former world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has declared his support for the crestfallen MMA star.

The world can be a cruel place and an even crueller one when you essentially shut it out. In the fall out of Rousey’s loss, there have been memes, viral videos and even hot takes from certain outlets outside of the MMA bubble.

Now, however, from an unlikely source who Rousey has had a war of words with in the past, ‘Money’ Mayweather come to her defence and sent her a message of support.

“Hold your head up, stay focused, keep believing,” Mayweather offered Rousey in an interview with “A true champion can bounce back, you’ll be okay. Everything will be okay. I think her losing had a lot to do with time off.

“She maybe should have competed against another MMA fighter that wasn’t as active as the female that she faced. The female she faced was rugged and tough so we can’t take anything away from the girl. She [Nunes] was the better woman that night, but Ronda Rousey has a lot left.”

Rousey did communicate with her fans via her Instagram account this week by using a JK Rowling quote which read: ‘And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.’